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Basketball practice times aren’t ideal, but we’ve got good carpool situations to make them easier to handle.

Early morning practices have me getting out of bed at 5:00, leaving at 5:15 with Caleb, meeting his ride at 5:30, then coming home to get ready for the day.

Since Mondays aren’t school days, practices are mid-afternoon: 2:00-4:00. It’s a little tough for working parents, but we figured out a system. Lori brings Jackson to the church and takes Jacob with her so he can hang out with Aidan. Stephanie takes Jackson and Caleb with her, picks up Andy, and takes them all to school for practice. Billy picks up Caleb, Jackson, and sometimes Andy, then takes Jackson home and picks up Jacob. If he has Andy, he brings him by the church before heading home with the boys. We call it the Teenage Shuffle. It’s crazy and confusing, but it works.

Well, all except for Jacob and Aidan doing their homework. They’re in the same class (except for math), so you’d think they’d get a little studying done or work on their writing assignments together. No. Jacob keeps insisting on taking some work with him to Aidan’s, but it never gets done. Then it makes us have a late night – especially since Monday nights are cooking nights for me. Tonight, after much frustration, I told him he wouldn’t be able to go to Aidan’s if he doesn’t have ALL his work done beforehand. That wasn’t met well, but he’s got motivation now. We’ll see…


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Last year I found out about this 31-day blogfest that takes place every October. I followed a friend’s posts for the month and liked the idea of picking one topic to blog about for 31 days. Then life got busy and I forgot all about it – until just now, when I was directed to one of her posts for this year. I found the website, read up on the suggestions and topics, and decided to join in this year. I want to blog more, and this is the perfect opportunity for it.

Now that I’m working and both boys are in school, we’re trying to figure out how to do life differently. We’ve been at it for five weeks now, and there’s still room for improvement. Hopefully we’ll be more seasoned by the time the next 31 days have passed.

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