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I recently got a prescription for bifocals. That didn’t bother me as much as the fact that I’d have to move up from children’s frames to women’s frames, which rarely run as small as I like them. I finally found a pair I liked and ordered two: one for distance/reading and one for the computer, which is where I spend a good portion of my days now. I don’t really need the computer glasses, but they had a BOGO sale…

Then I decided since I have a new job and new glasses, I may as well get a new haircut. A few weeks ago, I cut off my long curly (and frizzy) locks for something shorter, hipper, and “easier”. And in the beginning it was. Then I found out about Curly Girl, a handbook for curly hair. I had been doing a few things right, but I was also doing several things wrong. Namely my choices of shampoo, conditioner, and gel. Well, that and some styling issues…

After reading a little more than half the book, I went in search of sulfate-free shampoo, an alcohol-free conditioner, and silicone-free/paraben-free/alcohol-free gel. That’s hard to find within a reasonable price range! I finally found what I needed and spent about $16 for three items.

For the last week, I’ve been sulfate-free shampooing (three times, but I need to do it less), drenching my hair in conditioner and finger combing it as I rinse it out several minutes later, squeezing out the water with a microfiber towel (instead of towel-drying with a hand towel), and scrunching with gel (without combing it first – because the only time I should comb it is in the shower). Then leaving it alone. Keeping my hands out of it. Not touching it up until it’s completely dry. That’s hard to do!

I’m also not supposed to use a flat iron on my bangs, which is something I’ve been doing for years. Curly bangs are not pretty. I’ve been trying to clip them down to dry, but the clips are a little heavy and my bangs end up looking plastered down. That’s also not pretty. Oh, and I end up with some little crazy flip on one side that even the flat iron won’t tame. (Yes, I keep going back to the flat iron… The one day I didn’t was a disaster!) I’m still experimenting with the clips…

All that to say my personal morning routine now needs tweaking. Showering now takes longer because of the finger combing, but I’m getting better at that. The hair-fixing routine is quicker because I’m not combing my hair out after towel-drying it, which was causing quite a mess. I need to brush my teeth before showering instead of after because my hair won’t be up in a towel anymore (the microfiber towels are too small). I need to put my moisturizer on my face before clipping my bangs. I need a diffuser for my blow dryer (which I rarely use but would like to). It seems each day I make a new discovery. I keep thinking surely I’ve made them all…

Once I get my own personal care routine down, I think the rest of our morning routine will flow more smoothly.


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I was busy last week, so I didn’t participate in The Vintage Apple‘s Oh, How Pinteresting! Wednesday. This week, I had totally forgotten about it until I saw where Cindy had posted hers. Looking for some inspiration for my theme for this week, I thought I’d see what she had to share.

After looking at her post, I knew what my theme would be: I’m STILL brooding over my bad haircut. All of these pins come from the Curly Hair Problems blog. While I didn’t take the time to go through all of the funnies there, I did go through several, which I pinned to my “The Truth According to Me” board. Maybe if I keep reading these and chuckling, my own situation won’t seem so bad.

Before I got my shorter cut last spring, which I really liked, my hair hung almost halfway down my back. Of course, I had no real style to it, and it was super easy to pull back into a thoughtless ponytail. This is why I grew it out:




While I was wearing the long, boring non-style, I had something similar to this happen:


I literally saw the guy do a double-take and his eyes light up when he saw me walking toward his kiosk while I was at the mall in San Antonio. We had just gotten off the riverboat cruise and it was windy, so you can imagine what I looked like… I smiled and shook my head no as I walked by. Anyway, I kept the long hair becauseĀ I was always so fearful this would happen:


And it did!


Here’s why you can’t do that:


Or in my case, a curly helmet. So now I’m back to growing it out again. In the meantime, if I see you and you have great-looking curly hair, watch out.


Well, I’ll more likely ask you who cuts your hair because I’m in the market for a great stylist. (I had an excellent one a few years ago who made my long mop look good – because I couldn’t be talked into anything else at the time. Sadly, she died of cancer.)

I’m open to any advice you can give me about waiting out the growth of a bad haircut… For now, I’m considering dying my hair orange because I could so easily do this:

Source: imdb.com via Ashley on Pinterest

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